Changzhou Energy  Engineering Co., Ltd (CEEF) was established in 1978. With the accumulation of over 40 years' experience, the company has developed into the biggest research and development base of thermal oil heater in China .To date, it has supplied over 10,000 thermal oil heaters of hundreds of types, driven by coal, coal power, gas, oil, biomass and electricity . The heat output of them ranges from 24 to 35000kW.

For 15 years CEEF has been in good technical cooperation with the companies BERTRAMS in Switzerland and VYNCKE in Belgium and CEEF has been the product base in Asia of them.

The products of CEEF are available all over the overseas market, covering 30% of its total earnings. Main customers are in America, Europe, East Asian and Taiwan, China. Typical customers include HYDRO-CHEM ( America ), LINDE GROUP (Germany ) , SHELL GROUP ( Netherlands ), INDORAMA (India )‍, NAN YA PLASTICE CORPORATION ( Taiwan, China), ICI PAKISTAN LIMITED ( Pakistan ),JGC CORPORATION ( Japan ). ACCURATE TECHNOLOGIES ( Thailand), TOP GLOVE CORPORATION BHD ( Malaysia )

As the forerunner in the area of thermal oil heater in China CEEF has been mainly responsible for drafting the national standard  GB/T17410-2008 " Organic heat transfer material heater "  , the industrial standard CB/T3954-2002 " marine thermal oil heater " and " Organic heat transfer material heater safety technical supervision regulation " .CEEF undertook scientific and technical projects entrusted by the State, and became the chief support of national great technological promotion project on organic HTM heater.

Achievement comes from technical accumulation and innovation, CEEF has Jiangsu engineering research center for super heat transfer material heater of high intelligence, which is the only professional technology research and develop center in the industry in China.

Since 1978, CEEF has been awarded national quality silver prize and many other national prizes, and its products are awarded the title “Jiangsu Province Well-known Trademark.”

The slogan " Practice, innovation and excellence "  represent constant self-improvement spirit of CEEF .In the days to come , CEEF will forge ahead with a trail-blazing spirit to make ever greater contribution to the energy caving and environmental protection industry of China.